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La bécassine sourde / The Jack Snipe Print

 A Monograph on the Jack Snipe


Published by OMPO (Migratory Birds of the Western Palearctic), this book devoted specifically to the Jack Snipe, must be in the library of any Snipe "lover".

This monograph brings together the current knowledge on the biology, ethology, phenology, ecology of the species within its distribution range. It is focussed on a unique knowledge on the management of the birds' habitat, specifying its ecological "niche" and identifying factors necessary for its occurrence in numbers.

A set of concrete proposals on measures to be taken are anticipated, among which the reform of the taxation on wetlands is the most important. Studies resources as needed to greater knowledge of the species are listed.

Studies of the species age-ratio, harvest estimates and ringing data, permit to evaluate it its actual conservation status.









Chap. 1 The Jack Snipe (Lymnocryptes minimus)

Chap. 2 Distribution of the species

Chap. 3 Description and specific identification criteria

Chap. 4 Breeding cycle

Chap. 5 Internuptial cycle

Chap. 6 Conservation and management of the species

Chap. 7 Habitat monitoring and management

Chap. 8 What future for the Jack Snipe?



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