OMPO / European Institute for the Management of Wild Birds and their Habitats, is an international non-governmental scientific organization whose objectives are to study and contribute to the knowledge of migratory Palearctic birds throughout their range in Eurasia-Africa while ensuring opportunities for their management and sustainable use.

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Convention with the Russian Bird Ringing Centre

Object: The analysis of migratory waterbird ring recoveries in Russia will light up the following points:

  • spatial and temporal distribution of species: breeding and moulting areas, migratory spring and fall stopover sites, wintering area,
  • Flyway of biogeographical populations of the African- Eurasian range,
  • Specific migration scheme and spring/fall migration chronology,
  • Migration routes of waterbird populations in particular those stopping over or wintering in France,
  • Evolution in migratory species behaviour (change of route and shortening of movements, change in wintering range, exhaustion of migration flows in Western Europe, settling ...
  • Impact of global warming, changes in habitat.

Status: action started end 2010



Study of the movements of Pintails (Anas acuta) inside the African-Eurasian range, according to data from birds ringed and recovered in Russia (Kharitonov & Litvin, comm. pers., 2006).