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Convention with UCIM-FEIN, Italy

The purpose of this convention is to study the conservation status and population trends of Thrushes, Turdus genus in the eastern Baltic.


The UCIM[1] and FEIN[2] signed an agreement with OMPO to supervise the above study, the latter being entrusted to Prof. George A. Noskov, Director of the Institute of Avian Biology and Chairman of the Ornithological Society of Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation) and partner of OMPO.


Two annual reports (2008/2009) were presented by the Russian team and the results were presented in July 2010 at the 1st International Symposium on Thrushes in Bergamo (Italy). Report of season 2010 in prep. Extension of the research to 2011-2012 are presently being discussed.




[1] UCIM = Union of Migratory Bird Hunters (Italy)

[2] FEIN = European Foundation "Il Nibbio" (Italy)



Study areas of the Turdus project in 2009